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KOREA Nurses’ Health Study

With the recent changes in the social environment including decreasing birth rates and an aging population, addressing countermeasures against an aging pregnant population and increases in the aging female population have become necessary. Society now needs higher research on women health studies in order to provide disease prevention programs specifically targeting women.

In Korea, the average life expectancy of women is longer than that of men, but the health longevity of women is shorter than that of men. Health studies for women are very important on the grounds that women’s health is directly connected not only to women, but also their descendants. In spite of this significance, national health studies for women are inactive, especially regarding studies for women throughout their life time.

Under these circumstances the Korean Nurses Association began health studies for women along with the Korean National Institute of Health since April, 2013, and has since implemented studies tracking the health conditions of 20,000 women in the long-term through an intensive research of health problems for career women by proceeding a survey of life habit related to health of career women, work exposure and environment and others.

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