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Greetings from the Korean Nurses Association!

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

For the past 115 years, the Korean Nurses Association has faithfully upheld the ideal of nursing which respects the dignity of man and the basic right of life.

This Association was founded for the purposes of improving members' talent and protection of their right, compliance of vocational ethics, advancement of public health, and development of nursing through international exchange. The Association has contributed to the development of Korea's public health and medicine along with 17 regional chapters and 10 affiliates. The Association periodically releases the newspaper, the Korea Nurses Association News, and the web magazine, the Korean Nurse, for public relations purpose, and runs its own publishing company and training institute.

We have established our own self-regulatory organization for nurses, the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education, to meet the nursing standard of the people and to strengthen international competitiveness. We have also established Korean Nurses Welfare Foundation to carry out various projects for the advancement of public health, medicine, and social welfare. The Korea Nurses Senior Care Center provides comprehensive welfare service and puts 'care', the very basic spirit of nursing, into practice.

Since 2015, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has entrusted us to run the Center for Nursing Workforce Employment Education for the purpose of successful establishment of comprehensive nursing service, improvement of working environment, and reduction of turnover rate.

The Association is working hard to deliver as many pieces of useful information as possible to fellow nurses. We will do our best to let visitors utilize this homepage as means of communications with each other.

I humbly ask you for more attention and opinion in order to let this homepage become a platform to share information and documents, and a place for smooth communication among 400,000 members.

Thank you.

Shin Kyungrim
Korean Nurses Association