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Honourable Members!

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Korean Nursing Association, I would like to express my deep admiration and gratitude to the Korean nurses who dedicated with pioneer spirit for the development of nursing in Korea to protect the lives and safety of patients during the past years.

Now we must reflect on the last 100 years of nursing history and prepare for the next 100 years of nursing.

Our nursing will begin with a paradigm shift in health care and social care together with the imminent enactment of the Nursing Act. In addition, our nurse will enhance advocating for the rights of our people to be healthy and make sure everyone receives proper care with dignity.

Dear 500,000 nurses and 120,000 nursing students who are our pride and dignity!

In the upcoming 100 years of nursing, we will create a nursing field in which nurses can work happily. Currently nurses are under a unbearable heavy working environment that is incomparable to OECD countries. It is frequently stated that there is a lack of nurses, but the underlying cause is a health-care system which is focused solely on medical institutions and doctors.

The number of patient beds which exceed twice the OECD average should be adjusted and the current ambiguous medical law should be revised to reflect the number of patients per nurse shift, recognized by everyone and abide by law. We will also establish legal and social foundation to enable safe and pleasant working environment in medical institutions and community facilities through regular supervision on its standard.

Korea’s nursing is proud of its achievement of standardizing nursing education by unifying a four-year system, first to be achieved worldwide, and introducing a certification evaluation system. Korean Nurses Association will pursue to lead the paradigm shift on future healthcare and social care through innovation in nursing education in theory, practice, and training.

The Korean Nurses Association will continue to prioritize people's lives and patient safety over everything else, while also doing its best to fulfill its social responsibilities as an organization representing healthcare, care, science, and technology of its people.

Korean Nursing Association President
Kim Yeong Kyeong