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‘Year of the Enactment of Nursing Law’
KNA will systematize nursing care and achieve Universal Health Coverage

Over the past century, we dedicated ourselves for the health of our people and still today, we continue to commit ourselves to fulfill our professional duty as the guardian of health in the front line.

This year in particular, we focus our commitment and determination to enact the legislation, Nursing Law which is pivotal to consolidate a strong and stable nursing care system in Korea and to achieve Universal Health Coverage" as responsible global leader.

The law will ensure safety of the people, improve the quality of care services and resolve the gap between those who do not have proper care in need.

In addition, it is imperative to reestablish more concise nursing system to confront crisis related to essential medical treatment and public health, and to improve the education system in an effort to advance student education and clinical training system.

As there is a saying, ‘Walking alone can lead to a path but walking hand in hand together can make a history’, I invite everyone to join in our journey with your support and interest to achieve our proposed policy tasks. Thank you.

Tak Young Ran, Ph.D, RN
Korean Nursing Association