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Korean Nurses Association will celebrate its centennial anniversary in two years

Over the years, our nurses have paved new ways with dedication and sense of mission.

During the latter era of Joseon dynasty when foreign army forcibly disband our army, the number of wounded soldiers rose in resistance. It was a time when women were forbidden to touch men's body but our nurses took courageous actions to save the lives of the soldiers. Nurses were the one who broke the cultural barrier between "male and female" and opened the door for women to step into the society with dignity.

When COVID-19 broke out in Daegu and Northern Gyeongsang Province, nurses rushed to the site saying, "I'm proud of being a nurse who takes care of patients." What we have witnessed during this COVID_19 crisis is the significant role of nurses. Although we are in the so called the 'Era of Uncontact', we realized once again nursing as the most humane act to care for patients face to face, and that nursing is not merely a profession, but a calling.

By 2025, the number of senior citizen is expected to surpass 10 million and among them, those suffering from dementia and cancer are to reach 1 million and 3 million respectively.

Today, we are at the crossroads where a new nursing policy applicable for the super-aging society has become imminent.

The historical task of our era is to break through from the old framework of the 70-year-old Medical Laws to establish an independent Nursing Law. The Nursing Law will enable us to improve the quality of nursing and its working environment, to promote public health and prevent disease, and to solve the problem of regional shortage of nurses.

In addition, a systematic improvement on the Center for Nursing Workforce Employment Education, established to reduce the turnover rate and to improve the working environment, will reinforce support for the re-employment of nurses.

The Korean Nurses Association continues to contribute to the improvement of public health based on our network with the nationwide 16 branch offices and military branches, 10 affiliate organizations such as the Hospital Nurses Association and Overseas Korean Nurses. We have for the first time ever in the world, promoted all the nursing colleges to a four-year system equipped with a high-quality nursing education framework, and for the first time in the public health sector, established the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education, a self-regulatory institution for professional occupations.

The Korean Nurses Association with reflection on the past 100-year is committed to nursing our people with a new milestone designed applicable for the next coming 100 years.

Shin Kyung Rim, EdD, RN, FAAN
Korean Nurses Association