About KNA

1. Symbol Mark

The Mugunghwa is the emblem of Korea, the lamp is the symbol of Nightingale who is the lady holding a lamp, and the two circles symbolizes Korean nurses moving out towards the world, referring to the philosophy and main value of the Korean Nurses Association. 1923 is the foundation year of the Korean Nurses Association.

dotDot=Outside circle(C100+M58), Font(Gold),
Mugunghwa (M58), Lamp(Silver)

2. Logo Type

The stable and concise font is used to convey a sense of accuracy and cleanliness as professional healthcare personnel and a sense of tolerance and intimacy as guardians of national health.

3. Signature

The signature is a horizontal and vertical line combined with the symbol mark and logo type in Korean and English words. Depending on the type of workload, different forms of CI can be used.
The modification of the signature requires careful concern so as not to distort the image of the Korean Nurses Association.
dotUse blue(DIC 579p) for symbol mark and black(K100) for logo by priority and enable to use black(K100) as mono color.
dotEnable use of Gold or Silver for special effects restrictively.

4. Guidelines

(1) The Korean Nurses Association symbol mark and logo can be used only by the Korean Nurses Association, regional chapters, and affiliated organizations of KNA. If the CI is used illegally, legal restriction on the grounds in the Article 23 in the Commercial Act, Article 65 in the Trademark Act, and Article 4 in the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act can be employed. Any external use of the Korean Nurses Association symbol can also be subject to legal restriction.

(2) CI should be used equally in all promotional materials produced by Korean Nurses Association and regional chapters of KNA.

(3) To apply the standard regulation of CI is the priority, but it can be adjusted restrictively under the special characteristics of media and circumstances. If the CI needs to be modified, the Public Relations department of the Korean Nurses Association should first be consulted.