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Main Activities

KNA aims to improve the members' competencies, encourage the members to honor professional ethics, advocate the members'rights and interests, enhance the people's health and wellbeing, and contribute to the country's nursing through international exchange.

[ Seven Goals of the 8th Long-term Strategic Plan, 2017 ~ 2019 ]

1Establish the organizational structure and enhance professionalism of the headquarters
     and regional chapters

  • Establish the organizational structure and reinforce cooperation between the headquarters and regional chapters
  • Reinforce professionalism of the headquarters and regional chapters
  • Systemize other nursing sectors and define relationships with KNA Contribution Authority
  • Streamline the headquarters’ and regional chapters’ operation and finance
  • Enhance the managerial competency of KNA Human Resources Development Center

2Reinforce policy activities to improve laws and institutions

  • Strengthen network for external cooperation
  • Strive toward necessary amendments of laws and regulations
  • Improve costing system for nursing-related activities
  • Improve nursing policies

3Expand members’ well-being and reinforce public relations system

  • Strengthen support for nurses’ employment
  • Strengthen welfare services for the members
  • Reinforce public relations efforts toward members and related agencies
  • Reinforce public relations efforts toward the media
  • Promote KNA News
  • Implement public programs for the people

4Improve the substantiality and professionalism of member training

  • Enhance the quality of member training programs
  • Improve the national nurse licensure exam and the license registration system
  • Reinforce research activities in the nursing field
  • Enhance the publishing business

5Establish robust organizational culture in nursing

  • Improve organizational culture in nursing
  • Promote robust organizational culture

6Establish nursing system ready for unified Korea

  • Promote nursing-related activities in preparation for reunification
  • Establish support system for North Korean defectors

7Establish Korean nursing history and enhance global status

  • Shed new light on the Korean nursing history
  • Build a KNA-ICN Center of Excellence for Nursing Leadership
  • Reinforce global nursing activities