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Main Activities

KNA aims to improve the members' competencies, encourage professional ethics, advocate for rights and interests of nurses, enhance health and wellbeing of people, and contribute to nursing professional through international exchanges.

[ Six Goals of the 10th Long-term Strategic Plan, 2023 ~ 2025 ]

1Strengthen organizational operations and member management

  • Improve general management system
  • Improve finance system
  • Improve membership management

2Advancement of information system

  • Enhance information infrastructure efficiency and accessibility

3Innovation in nursing policy and strengthening international activities

  • Improve the nursing education system and the quality of educational environment
  • Reform employment and working conditions
  • Enactment of The Nursing Act and amendment of related laws
  • Improve licensing and qualification system
  • Reinforce Health Insurance Nursing Policy
  • Expand nursing policies for the elderly and communities
  • Establish nursing statistics DB
  • Train global nursing leaders and strengthen international exchanges

4Strengthen public relations activities

  • Secure a competitive advantage in promotional contents
  • Strengthen the image of nurses as professionals
  • Enhance media and related networking
  • Operate Internet Nurse Newspaper
  • Promote KNA centennial events

5 Advancement of training education system

  • Reconstruct and stabilize Education Center Information System
  • Develop, operate, and improve quality of training education
  • Establish license and qualification management system
  • Efficient management of publication businesses

6Support and empower of nursing personnel

  • Secure high-quality nursing professional and revitalize employment opportunities
  • Develop nursing competency through customized education and training
  • Provide adaptation programs for career retention
  • Propose evidence-based research and nursing policy